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Editions & Pricing

Work visually. Diagramming made simple.


Simplify and communicate complex information with data-linked diagrams that you can create in just a few clicks

Visio makes diagramming simple. Whether you want to quickly capture a flowchart that you brainstormed on a whiteboard, map an IT network, build an organizational chart, document a business process, or draw a floor plan, Visio helps you work visually.


Create professional diagrams

Visio makes it easy and intuitive to create flowcharts, diagrams, org charts, floor plans, engineering designs and more using modern shapes and templates with the familiar Office experience. 


Work better together

Work together on Visio flowcharts to include insights from all stakeholders. And with Office 365, multiple team members can work on diagrams at the same time. 




Gain real world insights

Connect your flowcharts and diagrams to real-time data. Applied shape formatting automatically updates your flowcharts to reflect changes in the underlying data, either in Visio or through Office 365.

Visio Online

Visio Online helps you work together on diagrams from a web browser, from almost anywhere. Draw a flowchart, map an IT network, build an organizational chart, or document a business process.

Departmental Solutions - Engineering and Operations
Business Solutions - Process Modeling
Business Solutions - Diagramming
Departmental Solutions - Human Resources
Departmental Solutions - Business Management
Departmental Solutions - Information Technology
Business Solutions - Data Visualization

 Simplify layout and design processes

Bring simplicity to real-world designs of floor plans, engineering architectures, and manufacturing processes by using ready-made shapes and templates. Work together easily on imported AutoCAD drawings, and use data-linked diagrams to stay on top of operational insights. 


Design floor plans, electrical plans, or manufacturing processes easily

Increase efficiency and stay compliant with ready-made shapes and built-in templates that align to industry standards like Six Sigma and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Build floor plans, P&ID layouts, electrical plans, or lean manufacturing processes with visually appealing design and real-world accuracy. 


Collaborate on CAD-based drawings

Work together on imported AutoCAD designs using familiar collaboration tools like Skype for Business, co-authoring, comments, or hand-drawn annotation. Reduce layers, highlight key architectural information, or add smart shapes. Share enriched design in high fidelity with anyone through a browser or iPad app. 


Stay on top of operational insights

Use quick data linking to surface KPIs for resource use, quality control, and more, on top of layouts, engineering designs, or manufacturing processes.  Identify inefficiencies easily, and keep the entire organization in sync with operational insights visualized on top of real-world processes and designs.

Who uses Visio in Engineering and Operations?


Industrial / mechanical engineers

Sketch out engineering plans - including electrical mapping, P&ID layouts, control system design, and more.

Share the drawings with clients or other stakeholders on-the-go. 


Quality management specialists

Develop lean processes with industry-standard methodologies like Six Sigma or TQM.

Conduct quality management with workflow integration.


Plant managers

Provide visual manuals for the field to implement protocols and increase compliance and workplace safety.

Develop scenario-based disaster management.

Track production output visually. 


Facility management specialist

Experiment and change workspace layout to optimize collaboration and reduce facility costs.

Manage space and visualize data on the usage or performance of facilities in one glance.



Design, update, and publish floor plans, security exit plans, facilities layouts, and more.

Simplify teamwork with internal or external partners / customers.


Operations managers

View and interact with CAD-based diagrams for buildings, office spaces, electrical, server rooms, cabling, and more - in the office or in the field.

Oversee the performance of customer service facilities like call centers.

Visually track supply chain activities.

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