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Available Add-ons

High-performing Cloud Computing powered by Windows Azure Pack

Ultra-fast, cost-efficient Cloud Servers

Create a testing environment, deploy applications and set-up hybrid environments with our new Cloud Infrastructure built on Windows Azure Pack technology.

Benefit from WAP today

Everything your server infrastructure needs to be GDPR compliant in a single solution

Bring your own

Scale out in a

Effortlessly prepare for moving to Microsoft Azure

Replicate your very own network implementation to the
Instantly scale out/up your infrastructure to meet increasing demand Test your deployment in Windows Azure Pack at affordable prices before you move it to Azure

Quickly implement Disaster Recovery for your entire infrastructure

Get Azure IaaS flexibility with local data hosting

Easily deploy ASR* for your DR needs Meet your regulatory and GDPR requirements

The true, Azure-consistent experience Azure Pack offerings surpass the demanding project requirements in the most value-oriented way. What's New:
  • Flexible VM cloud hosting plans
  • Self-service management
  • Instant resource adding/removing
  • Console access
  • Windows Azure experience
  • Quick creation of VMs
  • Define as many virtual networks as you want
  • Integrated firewall
  • Site-to-Site IPSec VPN connections

Create a virtual machine that meets your requirements in seconds and save valuable time from the application development process.

A true, Azure-consistent, self-service management experience!

Your Company and a win-win scenario

Our new, Windows Azure Pack Management Portal provides you with a rich, self-service user experience for provisioning and managing resources. Help your customers build, manage or upgrade their entire infrastructure with predictable, flat-fee monthly costs.

Secure Virtual Machines managed by experienced professionals

Unrivalled performance and support for your enterprise applications

Azure Pack Cloud IaaS solutions comply with ISO 27001 and are built on the latest Windows Server software-defined data center components. Deploy your enterprise applications on our virtual machines and we will take care of the rest. With our 24/7 support you can run your applications at peak performance without having to worry about stability and resources.

Open Source with unlimited options

Enterprise-grade hardware by Dell

Develop and test your open source components using the tools you are most familiar with. You do not need to gain more skills in order to move successfully to the cloud. Your options are unlimited. has strategically partnered with Dell to ensure that every piece of equipment has been validated and is fully compatible with Windows Server technologies.

Still not convinced?

Wanna see how easy it truly is?

Get started with a free 14-day trial, no strings attached, whatsoever! You get a hosting plan with 4 vCores, 8 GB RAM and 200 GB storage to experience the robustness and performance of Azure Pack IaaS first hand!

(Yes, you can convert your trial to a paid subscription at the end of your trial period, if you want to!)
Just visit this knowledge base article to see how easy it is to create and upgrade a VM:

WAP - 4. Create a Standalone Virtual Machine

Your Virtual Machines can run with the performance of a local server and the flexibility of Cloud, making it easier than ever to add resources and expand your databases, scaling as you grow.

*Please note that if you need DR (Disaster Recovery) coverage for your VM,  ASR (Azure Site Recovery) is currently available only for Gen1 VMs – this is the only difference between the two VM types (Gen1 and non-Gen1); all other characteristics (speed, etc.) are identical.

One-click Failover
Free Unlimited Inbound Traffic
Easy migration
Predefined, low monthly costs
Unparalleled Performance
Local residence of data
Fully managed services
VM Roles
Software Defined Networking (SDN)
Transition from production site to failover site and back with a simple click.
Support Options
Email Support:
Support Details

All services come with a FREE Standard Support plan via email to the address above or by directly submitting a ticket at our Support Portal, where you may also find our Live Chat support option (available weekdays, 08:00-22:00 GMT+2).

The out of the box FREE Standard Support plan for end-customers features the following:

Technical Support
Standard support plan Partner premium support Customer premium support Service definition
Available: 24/7
Best Effort
Available: 24/7
<30 min
Available: 24/7
<30 min
Customer’s business has significant loss or degradation of services, and requires immediate attention.
Available: business hours
<1 business day
Available: business hours
<1 hour
Available: business hours
<1 hour
Customer’s business has moderate loss or degradation of services but work can reasonably continue in an impaired manner.
Available: business hours
<2 business days
Available: business hours
<30 min
Available: business hours
<4 hours
Customer’s business is functioning with minor impediments of services.
Learn more Learn more


  • Should you use the Starter Support Plan, you can only make use of the features available in other support plans by upgrading to these.
  • A support plan is upgraded during the next business day.

Care to find out more about the different, exclusive Support plans? Check out the various editions here that best fit your needs.

This is the image of the product with name Extra 1 GB RAM
Extra 1 GB RAM
This is the image of the product with name Extra 10 VPN Connections
Extra 10 VPN Connections
This is the image of the product with name Extra 500 IOPS
Extra 500 IOPS
This is the image of the product with name Extra Disk Storage (10 GB)
Extra Disk Storage (10 GB)
This is the image of the product with name Extra Outgoing Traffic 100 Gb
Extra Outgoing Traffic 100 Gb
Increase your outgoing traffic allowance
This is the image of the product with name Extra Outgoing Traffic 1000 Gb
Extra Outgoing Traffic 1000 Gb
Increase your outgoing traffic allowance
This is the image of the product with name Extra Public IPv4 Address
Extra Public IPv4 Address
This is the image of the product with name Extra vCore
Extra vCore
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