Editions & Pricing
Editions & Pricing

Don’t fall into the deep end of poor cash flow…

Τaking control of overdue balances and the approaching credit limits of your customers is vital, but can be a very big ask of your credit control team.

Our app for Dynamics 365 for Financials helps to remove some of the manual tasks from your Credit Control team, by automatically putting sales orders on hold if a customer has overdue balances or a particular sales order would put them over their agreed credit limit.

Chasing late payments creates significant administrative burdens for small business – 35% said they spent on average 1.2 whole days per month chasing late payments.

Financial Services Bureaux, Late Payments Report 2016

See the end of...

  • Unpredictable cash flow
  • Reduced working capital from late payments
  • Lost or delayed sales due to inflexible credit rules
  • Poor visibility of what's owed and who's chasing what

See the start of...

  • Cash flow forecasting that can be trusted
  • Reduced risk of late
  • Reduced cost of sale
  • Diarised, auto-prompted follow up for your team

Spend less time chasing late payments whilst simultaneously reducing average Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Help ease the drudgery of manual tasks for your vital credit management team and don’t let cash flow surprises kill your business.

Greater visibility of outstanding balances – by account and credit controller

Assign customers to specific individuals in your credit control team to measure both the performance of each credit controller and their accounts.

Reduce time-consuming admin

Follow up calls/to-do’s are automatically diarised and visible in credit controllers dashboards to remind them when to chase promised payments.

Credit authorisation flexibility

Give nominated users specific credit authorisation limits; enabling sales orders to be released as required and/or define a specific grace period. Alternatively enable them to credit hold all orders to keep an eye on certain accounts, or cash sale accounts.

Faster dispute resolution

For those payments that are disputed, Clever Credit’s integration to Dynamics 365 for Financials means all the information on the order and its delivery is right at hand for your credit controllers.

User Features
Clever Credit
Automatically diarised follow-up calls / to-do'sYes
Flexible, specific credit authorization limitsYes
Centralized, real-time info on payments, cash flow, customer's credit trend & historyYes
Visibility of outstanding balances by account and credit controllerYes
Completely embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, Business EditionYes

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The out of the box FREE Standard Support plan for end-customers features the following:

Technical Support
Standard support plan Partner premium support Customer premium support Service definition
Available: 24/7
Best Effort
Available: 24/7
<30 min
Available: 24/7
<30 min
Customer’s business has significant loss or degradation of services, and requires immediate attention.
Available: business hours
<1 business day
Available: business hours
<1 hour
Available: business hours
<1 hour
Customer’s business has moderate loss or degradation of services but work can reasonably continue in an impaired manner.
Available: business hours
<2 business days
Available: business hours
<30 min
Available: business hours
<4 hours
Customer’s business is functioning with minor impediments of services.
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  • Should you use the Starter Support Plan, you can only make use of the features available in other support plans by upgrading to these.
  • A support plan is upgraded during the next business day.

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