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Extend your already purchased Support Plan.
Buy an Extra Ticket to extend your support coverage.

In case you have used your tickets, you can purchase an additional ticket.  Interworks gives you the option to purchase an extra ticket of the Support Plan you are already using.

Check out the full Features of the Interworks Channel Partner Support Plans and Interworks Customer Support Plans.


Premium Support Plan Extra Ticket Features

24 hrs x 5 Days Support

Response Time
30 mins
E-mail based or via Support website*
14 hrs x 5 Days (GMT+2)
Online Chat
14 hrs x 5 Days (GMT+2)
Phone Access
24 x 7
Priority Escalation
Number of Tickets
Online Ticket Summaries

* Available in Q2 2014

Please note: This extension can only be purchased if you have already subscribed for the Channel Partner Support - Premium or Customer Support - Premium
 Read the Interworks Acceptable Use Policy, here (Greek)