There are numerous services required by customers on an ad hoc basis that create the need for a case-by-case quote, approval, invoicing and payments. This process results in high administrative costs, service delays and budget overruns.

Technical Services is an effortless solution to the above with the purchase of "support time" in advance at a discount price, offering extended support and/or professional services on an ad hoc basis, regardless of the issue involved.

Worry Less, Do More
Performance, cost & time savings, improved budgeting & forecasting, total coverage and revenue growth - guaranteed. 

Better budgeting
Lower admin costs
High performance
The time required for resolving an issue is known in advance, allowing for better budgeting and more accurate forecasting. No need for case-by-case quotes, approvals, invoicing and payments means drastically lower administrative costs. The support time package purchased is instantly available and ready to use, preventing service delays and boosting performance.

Total coverage Revenue growth
Enjoy the ultimate peace of mind in knowing that interworks.cloud's expert engineers are there to help with any issue and whenever needed. A robust, specialized support solution that provides resellers and IT service companies with the opportunity to grow their revenue without investing time and resources. 

No surprises - No worries

interworks.cloud's Technical Services include the Bluebook Supplement, a list of indicative IT tasks that need to be done but consume a lot of time and resources that should be spent on adding value and driving the business forward.

All tasks in the Bluebook Supplement have transparent solution time requirements listed.  An estimate of the time required for resolving complex issues or issues not included in the list is always provided in advance.

Work Effortlessly

Lay back and let interworks.cloud's expert engineers do all the hard work!

interworks.cloud's Technical Services include:

5, 10, 30 OR 50-HOUR PACKS (depending on the package purchased) that can be used at any moment within 12 months from the purchase date.
BLUEBOOK SUPPLEMENT listing indicative tasks with transparent solution time requirements.​
  20% OF UNUSED HOURS CARRYOVER when a new Technical Services package is purchased at anniversary (not available for the 5 hours package).

NO TIME DEDUCTION for issues determined to be interworks.cloud's responsibility.

GRANULAR TIME CHARGES with a minimum of 20 minutes and 10 minutes steps.

FULL PERSONALIZED VIEW with information about each Technical Services case, the total Technical Services hours purchased, the total hours used, the total hours remaining and their expiration date.  

ADVANCED ESTIMATES OF THE TIME REQUIRED for resolving complex issues or issues not included in the Bluebook Supplement. 



Support Details

All interworks.cloud services come with a FREE Standard Support plan via email to the address above or by directly submitting a ticket at our Support Portal, where you may also find our Live Chat support option (available Monday - Friday, 09:00-17:00 GMT+2).

The out of the box FREE Standard Support plan for end-customers features the following:

Technical Support
Standard support plan Partner advanced support Partner premium support Service definition
Available: Monday - Friday
9:00 - 17:00 GMT+2
Best Effort
Available: Extended Business Hours
8:00 - 22:00 GMT+2
30 min
Available: 24/7
30 min
Customer’s business has significant loss or degradation of services, and requires immediate attention.
Available: Monday - Friday
9:00 - 17:00 GMT+2
1 business day
Available: Extended Business Hours
8:00 - 22:00 GMT+2
1 hour
Available: 24/7
31 hour
Customer’s business has moderate loss or degradation of services but work can reasonably continue in an impaired manner.
Available: Monday - Friday
9:00 - 17:00 GMT+2
2 business days
Available: Extended Business Hours
8:00 - 22:00 GMT+2
4 hours
Available: 24/7
4 hours
Customer’s business is functioning with minor impediments of services.
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  • Should you use the Standard Support Plan, you can only make use of the features available in other support plans by upgrading to these.

Care to find out more about the different, exclusive interworks.cloud Support plans? Check out the various editions here that fit your needs, best.